Computerised 4 Wheel Alignment

4 Wheel Alignment

How do you know if your tracking or alignment is out of line? Normally the steering wheel of the vehicle will pull to either left or right and create excessive tyre wear as the vehicle is offline. It is important to check tyre pressure to eliminate low pressure as the cause for the pull in the steering wheel.

What are the main causes for offline tracking? Tracking or Alignment should be checked at least every 6 months, this period or mileage may differ on other countries, but in Ireland we still have bumpy off camber country roads and potholes. Wear in steering components, kerb, potholes and bad road conditions can damage correct alignment.

What are the side effects of offline tracking?

When your Alignment is not correct it can be costly in excessive tyre wear, failure of your NCT test, extra fuel cost and further wear on components due to pull on steering wheel. Tyres worn offline will also increase braking distances and make negotiation corners a little more dangerous, especially if the car is pulling in the wrong direction.

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