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Brakes pads fitted from €30.00 (price for labour only)

Expert tips!

For as little as €30.00 we can fit front brake pads to your car. Tyrestop can provide the pads if you wish or you can buy at your main dealer or local motor factor and we will fit for you. The reason we offer this facility is to show transparency in our labour charges.

What is important to know about brake pads and Brake discs?

When you get new pads fitted it is important to allow time for the pads to bed in to the old disc, allow around 120KM to bed properly. Avoid building too much heat in the pads, also avoid heavy braking. It is best to drive at comfortable speed apply brakes and allow sufficient cooling down time while driving. This method will allow the pads bed in properly and will give you excellent braking.

Never fit new discs and pads together. The best method is if you fit new discs, allow the old pads to temper the discs. Using both new may cause 'glazing' which in effect leaves you with bad brakes. This is of course if the old pads are not worn down to the metal, then unfortunately you may not have a choice.

Brake discs last two to three times longer than brake pads but eventually the brake pad wears into the brake disc. A Tyrestop technician can advise if the Brake Disc needs replacing due to cracks or excessive wear.

Brake fluid may need to be replaced in certain high performance cars. From hard braking moisture can develop and the fluid loses its ability to perform. In certain high performance vehicles, it is also advisable to use a specialist high boiling point fluid.

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