Check your lights and Pass your NCT.


To avoid having a costly retest, its best to bring your car to a Tyrestop location and have all your light checks and also ensuring your headlights are focused properly.

There is no point in arriving for the NCT with a blown bulb and being turned away to come back for a re test.

With the car running, check all indicator bulbs, dipped and high beam headlights, parking lights front and rear, lighting of the rear number plate, fog lights and even brake lights. Its best to get some help to do this properly. If you don't know how to change a bulb then it is best to call to any Tyrestop location and they will get all light working in good order for your NCT test.

The following chart outlines the most common bulb fittings.

Bulb Type Description
H4 (472) The most common bulb fitting; two-filament bulb with three-pin connection
H1 (448) In two-bulb setups, the most common bulb used for main beam; single-pin connection
H7 (499) In two-bulb setups, the most common bulb used for dipped beam; two-pin connection
D2R Xenon gas bulb; intended for reflector housing
D2S Xenon gas bulb; intended for projector housing

The majority of vehicles require one of the above-listed bulbs; however, there are other types, including H11 HB3 and HB4. It is essential to find the right type of bulb fitting for the car's make and model, as incorrect fittings do not function.

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