Runflat Tyres

Reduce the risk of blow-outs with Runflat Tyres! Many of the major brands; Michelin, Bridgestone, Cooper, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Pirelli and Firestone are now producing a wide range of runflat tyres to suit many different vehicles on the road today.

Runflat Tyres

Runflat tyres are pneumatic tyres, designed to resist the effects of deflation if punctured. With reinforced sidewalls and crown, the runflat tyre when punctured, can be safely driven (up to a max speed of 50kmh) for an extended distance.

With continued, progressive deflation, the traditional tyre needs immediate roadside assistance to avoid permanent damage of its structure. The idea behind the runflat tyre is that it can tolerate a certain speed and distance, usually more than sufficient to reach a TyreStop depot, before any degradation of the tyre structure is seen. Basically a runflat tyre is a stronger, thicker and heavier tyre than its non-runflat counterpart of the same size.

Tyre Performance

With regards performance, there is little difference between two tyres of the same brand and size - one being a runflat and one not. There are reports of increased rolling resistance which leads to increased fuel consumption, but at the same time certain runflat manufacturers have achieved results showing increased fuel efficiency using runflat tyres. Overall, the difference in the figures is negligible.

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