Winter Tyres

Winter Tyres

Improve your tyre grip and reduce skids in winter with our winter tyres. Winter tyres are designed with lower atmospheric temperatures and colder, rougher road surfaces in mind.

Design of Standard Tyres

Standard, all-season tyres that are fitted on most (if not all) cars in Ireland today are designed to operate at temperatures above 7 degrees celsius. Once temperatures drop below this threshold, the rubber in the all-season tyre does not adequately 'heat up' (and the rubber hardens), so an amount of traction (or grip) is lost. Depending on the type of the all-season tyre, the loss of grip as the outside temperature falls can be significant. This is where winter tyres take their place.

Design of Winter Tyres

The composition of the rubber in a winter tyre is designed to 'heat up' (maintaining softer rubber) more quickly in these cold temperatures, which results in increased traction. It's not only the rubber composition of the winter tyre that's important; the tread pattern is also augmented to deal with more hazardous road surfaces. Ice and snow present almost impossible conditions for a standard tyre to deal with, whereas the combined effects of the winter tyre's tread pattern and its rubber composition allow the winter tyre to negotiate these conditions (and lower temperatures) with greater ease.


Winter tyres operate properly below 7 degrees and normally on wet or snow covered roads. Above these temperatures on dry roads the tyre tends to heat up too quickly which will cause the tread to wear more quickly. Winter tyres normally have a high tread with many small lines on the tread to create greater movement which generates heat in cold weather. In dry roads and above 7 degrees, there is a concern that the tyre tends to move offline on lateral movement when taking bends. The softer rubber will not have the same grip under braking in a dry road due to heat build-up. These opinions are expressed by Tyrestop from many years of experience in the tyre industry and for the safety of our customers. Always use tyres in the correct application and seek advice from Tyrestop if you are unsure.

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